Real success is about accomplishing what others believe to be impossible.

    In 1989, when many American manufacturers were moving production abroad to lower costs and become competitive, Ron Simon founded RSI Home Products with the goal of achieving these lower costs here in America and selling products at values never before seen in the cabinet industry.

    RSI Home Products’ competitors thought it was impossible, but RSI Home Products proved them wrong. Over the years, Ron Simon led the company to become the largest manufacturer of kitchen and bath cabinets in terms of units sold in the United States. This was achieved by revolutionizing cabinet design, supply chain processes, manufacturing and distribution, and today RSI Home Products continues on a path of continuous improvement by challenging the status quo and “getting better every day.”

    The same philosophy that drives RSI Home Products’ success, to “accomplish what others believe to be impossible,” is also the spark that motivated Ron Simon to create the Simon Family Foundation. The program is a catalyst for change in the lives of students that need hope and direction to increase their opportunity for success.

    Through the Simon Scholars Program, hundreds of economically disadvantaged students across the United States reach their educational potential and become future scholars.

    RSI Home Products’ success has enabled Mr. Simon to contribute more than $35 million to over 1,200 deserving students through the Simon Family Foundation, The Simon Charitable Foundation, and Simon Foundation for Education and Housing.