About RSI Home Products

    RSI Home Products’ sole objective is to develop new ways to deliver kitchen, bath, and home organization cabinet, countertop and accessory products to retail partners, dealers and home builders at the highest value possible. We are firmly committed to providing quality products that are proudly designed and produced in the United States at our California, North Carolina and Texas facilities.

    We focus on every detail, no matter how small, that can help us become more efficient and proficient. This attention to detail allows us to reinvest in higher quality materials, innovative processes and outstanding personnel.

    Our Mission

    Sustain a culture of continuous improvement by relentlessly challenging, innovating and reengineering manufacturing processes, supply chain management, products and business practices; to deliver unsurpassed value to customers, vendor partners, shareholders and associates.

    Our Values

    Chairman's Message

    Chairman's Message

    Welcome to RSI Home Products. Our company is a leading manufacturer of kitchen, bath and storage cabinetry for the home. Our core principle of providing high value cabinetry at affordable prices is the vision of our founder, Ron Simon, which has driven tremendous growth since 1989.

    We provide cabinetry to home centers, builders, dealers and remodeling contractors in a variety of door styles and colors. As a company, we value simplicity in all aspects of the business and have a culture of driving non-value added costs out of our products while maintaining high quality standards. Our future is very promising by growing in sectors that are void of high value/low priced products.

    On behalf of ourselves and all of the RSI employees, we would like to thank all of our customers for purchasing our products.

    Alex G. Calabrese
    Chairman and CEO

    RSI Home Products History

    RSI Home Products began as a company in 1989 with a substantial advantage: a simple, cost-effective manufacturing process that allowed the production of top-quality products at the lowest possible cost. From the very beginning, the company focused on hiring people who were absolutely uncompromising about quality and price control.

    Because of this approach, the company experienced tremendous sales growth and is now an industry leader.

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    Our founder - Ron Simon

    In 1989, when many American manufacturers were moving production abroad to lower costs and become competitive, Ron Simon founded RSI Home Products with the goal of achieving these lower costs here in America and selling products at values never before seen in the cabinet industry.

    Ron’s competitors thought it was impossible, but he proved them wrong.

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